One common obstacle service-based businesses face when trying to create a seamless client experience, is navigating through the myriad of customer relationship manager (CRM) options available. 

If you’re looking for the best way to deliver a consistently seamless and unforgettable client experience, the support of a reliable, intuitive and on-brand CRM is an absolute game-changer! 

But where to start? 

In this post, we’re zooming in on how Dubsado can help your service-based business to achieve that client wow factor.

What is a CRM?

A customer relationship manager is a software system that allows you to keep a database of all new and potential clients, manage your communications with them, and store important notes. All in one place. 

Rather than swapping between your email account, invoice software, contract files, notes, and booking system, a good CRM brings all of these functions together for you.

So, what is Dubsado and why is it the best CRM for service providers?

As a business systems specialist, I get to see behind the scenes of many different systems. 

One that consistently stands out is Dubsado. 

In my experience, Dubsado is the CRM of CRM’s when it comes to supporting service providers to automate repetitive tasks and create seamless and memorable client experiences. 

Dubsado can help you quickly onboard new clients, get paid faster, collect feedback from happy clients, and create repeat clients. 


  1. Improved efficiency – automating administrative tasks, such as your appointment scheduling and invoicing, can save you hours each week
  2. Increased scalability – by automating certain processes, you free up time to work with more clients or to build courses that help you to reach even more people 
  3. Better client relationships – with thoughtful automations, you can stay in touch with your clients and your community, and deliver a consistent and personalised experience, leading to stronger relationships over time
  4. Improved workload management and work-life balance – you don’t have to juggle all the roles of business ownership alone. Let automations take care of the day-to-day tasks
  5. Reduced errors and more accurate data – through automation, you can access valuable data and insights that can inform future decisions in your business. 

Here’s why I recommend Dubsado to service providers on a daily basis

Save money on tools in your business

Dubsado is an all-in-one CRM that can replace at least six other systems you may be using in your business.

With Dubsado, you can seamlessly manage:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Client contracts and client portal
  • Canned email templates
  • Lead capture and nurturing
  • Time tracking
  • Calendars
  • Workflow automation
  • And more.

Instead of paying for multiple software subscriptions, Dubsado gives you access to all these tools and more within a single platform. 

Build a consistent and memorable brand

Every form and email you send, and every touch point someone has with you through Dubsado, will showcase your branding. 

This reduces client confusion and creates a seamless and memorable experience of your business. 

Save time with canned emails

You know those emails that you consistently send to new leads or clients? With Dubsado, you can add them as canned email templates and send them out as needed (say goodbye to typing them out every time).  

You can even automate these emails by adding them into workflows, which removes the need to send them manually.

Put your client processes on autopilot

Automated workflows offer some serious benefits to service providers. 

While you’re busy delivering services to your clients, workflows support you to put your repeated tasks on autopilot. 

You can set up workflow steps such as:

  • Creating to-do tasks
  • Sending emails and forms
  • Sending your appointment scheduler to a lead or client
  • Creating invoices and requesting payments
  • And so much more

Just imagine the time you can save by not having to manually work through all of these steps. 

Workflows also help you convert clients by creating a seamless experience where they are taken through one simple pathway, from the first proposal to signing the contract and receiving their first invoice. All of these steps are housed within their client portal, so they can access their information at any time.

This not only saves you time, it also creates an excellent first impression and sets the tone for a positive working relationship. 

Get paid on time (or even faster)

With direct integration between Dubsado and popular payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, or Square, your client can pay your invoice immediately. Plus, there are no additional fees for using Dubsado for client payments (aside from the standard fees of your payment processor). 

Dubsado also offers plenty of flexibility to set up payment plans and other payment terms to accommodate your client’s needs.

Is Dubsado right for your business?

Dubsado is a strong CRM choice if:

  • You are a solo Service Provider or have a small team (1-3 people)
  • You are spending hours each week responding to enquiring, preparing proposals, sending contracts and following up on leads.
  • The systems you have in place are working, but you feel like there could be a better way of doing things.

Dubsado may not be for you if:

  • You are not a Service Provider
  • You need to use multiple email accounts and calendars for your business
  • You have a large team.

If you are curious about how Dubsado can work for you in your service-based business, book a Clarity Call with me, and let’s discuss how it could work to streamline your business and elevate your client experience.

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